"A great storyteller — whether a journalist or editor or filmmaker or curator — helps people figure out not only what matters in the world, but also why it matters. A great storyteller dances up the ladder of understanding, from information to knowledge to wisdom. Through symbol, metaphor, and association, the storyteller helps us interpret information, integrate it with our existing knowledge, and transmute that into wisdom.

Susan Sontag once said that “reading sets standards.” Storytelling not only sets standards but, at its best, makes us want to live up to them, to transcend them.

A great story, then, is not about providing information, though it can certainly inform — a great story invites an expansion of understanding, a self-transcendence. More than that, it plants the seed for it and makes it impossible to do anything but grow a new understanding — of the world, of our place in it, of ourselves, of some subtle or monumental aspect of existence.”

Some musings.

Perhaps by writing about it, by taking it out of the privacy of my mind and making it available for consumption and scrutiny, by placing my words just so, highlighting certain things and minimizing others, I am romanticizing things. This turns an otherwise painful thing into a tolerable thing, something that provides lessons, and leaves a sense of hope and inspiration intact. It also lightens the load of embarrassment and shame at believing too strongly and too quickly in something that never promised or hinted at reciprocity. 


A rare and remarkably profound 1995 interview with the late and great Jeff Buckley.
A beautiful highlight of a soul catching weekend.
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Last year I abstained
this year I devour
without guilt
which is also an art

Margaret Atwood, “Last Year I Abstained”

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